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Processing of personal data

GDPR Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy describes the categories of your data that we process, the way and purposes in which we collect it, in what situations we transfer personal data and the various rights and options available to you in this regard.

1. Data protection principles

  • The collection of personal data will be done only for the specified, explicit and legitimate purposes (presented in point 3).
  • The data will not be processed to third parties in a manner incompatible with those purposes;
  • If there are updates to the transmitted data, the consent remains in force until you notify the activitatibrasov.ro in this regard by you;
  • The processing of personal data will be done in a legal, correct and transparent manner;
  • All personal data will be kept confidential and stored in a manner that ensures the necessary security;
  • Personal data will not be distributed to third parties, unless this is necessary to achieve the purposes set out in point 3;
  • The data subjects have the right to request access to personal data, their rectification and deletion, the opposition or restriction from data processing, as well as from the right of data portability.

2. Personal data and their collection

The data we collect may include the following:

  • Personal data includes all types of direct or indirect information (i.e. used in connection with other data) that refer to the natural person subject, such as: name and surname, e-mail address, postal address, mobile or landline phone number and other similar contact details necessary to make contact with you in order to process the orders placed or for any other planned objectives in the relationship with you;
  • We collect login data for accessing the online shop account cadouriperfecte.ro;
  • We collect through Google Analtycs data about your device. and about how your and the device you interact with our products;
    We collect through Google Analtycs data about the features you use, the items you purchase from our web pages that you visit;
  • We collect through Google Analtycs data about the device and the network you use to connect to our products, namely geographical location, language, operating system. No information is collected about software applications installed on the device, or product keys.


3. The purpose of collecting personal data

  • any communication related to informing the individual about the validation, dispatch and billing of orders, solving cancellations or problems of any kind related to an order, to the goods purchased from the online store cadouriperfecte.ro;
  • any communication related to informing the individual about the postal / courier dispatch of gift vouchers, informative materials, promotional materials;
  • any communication to individuals in our database related to the sending of informative newsletters and / or periodic alerts, product news, feedback forms, or other actions or activities of the company, transmitted by using the electronic mail (e-mail, SMS) of the individual;
  • compliance with legal obligations;

IMPORTANT: Also, where appropriate or the situation requires it to achieve the purpose defined above (with the title for example: sending an order, processing an order with payment by card, sending a gift voucher, informative / promotional materials), activitabrasov.ro may provide personal data to other partner companies, but only on the basis of a confidentiality commitment from them, by which it guarantees that this data is kept secure and that the provision of this personal information is made according to the legislation in force, as follows: courier service providers, marketing service providers, payment / banking service providers, IT service providers, or other similar services. If you do not agree with the disclosure of your personal data to these companies, you are kindly asked to contact the PERFECT GIFT SHOP at the email address [email protected]

Personal information may also be provided to the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the courts and other competent bodies of the state, on the basis and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of expressly formulated requests.

4. Use of personal data

We will use the personal data only for the purpose for which it was collected and we will store the data only as much as necessary for the purposes mentioned above (point 3);

5. Security of processing

We will process the data securely, apply and maintain appropriate technical measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, especially when the processing involves the transmission of data over a network, as well as against any other form of illegal processing.

Questions about the security of personal data can be sent to activitatibrasov.ro at the email address [email protected]

6. Access and rectification or deletion of personal data

  • you have the right to request at any time the access to: rectification, portability, deletion or restriction of the processing of the collected data;
  • in order to keep your personal data up to date, we recommend that you inform us about any change or discrepancy;
  • The consent given will remain valid until it is withdrawn by you.
  • Once you have expressed your disagreement in writing, your personal data will not be affected. your personal data will no longer be processed and appropriate measures will be taken to delete any records of your personal data.
  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time, free of charge, by accessing the UNSUBSCRIBE link in the footer of any email received from the activitatibrasov.ro or by directly addressing your request. in writing by email [email protected].
  • In order to view or modify personal data or to obtain information related to personal data, as well as for any dissatisfaction with the processing of personal data, you can address using your email address [email protected]
  • We remind you of the rights granted by the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, including the right to information, access, rectification, not to be subject to a decision based solely on automatic processing, the right to delete.
  • You may exercise any of these rights by email at [email protected] address. We may ask you to prove your identity by providing us with a copy of a valid means of identification to comply with our security obligations and prevent unauthorized disclosure of the data.
  • We will consider any requests or complaints we receive and will provide you with a timely response. If you are not satisfied with our answer, you can submit the complaint to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing – based in Bd. Gheorghe Magheru nr. 28-30, Bucharest, Romania.

7. Updates to this Privacy Policy

The most recent update to this Privacy Policy was made in April 2022. We reserve the right to periodically update and modify this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes in the way we process your personal data or any changes in legal requirements. In the event of any such change, we will display on the company’s websites, the amended version of the Privacy Policy

The data provided by you are processed by SC Magazin Cadouri Perfecte SRL.

We do not encourage SPAM, we do not provide your email address to third parties (natural or legal persons), we do not sell, we do not offer, we do not exchange email addresses obtained through this site and we do not disclose your email address to other people who access the pages of this site.

For the confidentiality and security of your data, registration and authentication on the activitatibrasov.ro involves a password, which we kindly ask you not to disclose to anyone.

We offer the possibility to the users of the site to send comments, questions and suggestions. Any information that is sent through the contact forms will be used taking into account the right to privacy and image of individuals.