How to order

How to order

Here are the steps to follow to order an activity on our website, activitatibrasov.ro. In reality it’s much simpler!

  • To be able to buy, you need an account in the online store. So, first, create your account and then log in. It’s very simple.
  • Choose the currency in which you want the prices to be expressed: Ron or Euro.
  • Select the voucher (the activity you want to enjoy in Brasov) by pressing the “Add to Cart” button.
  • For the voucher with several variants of packages, select from the list the right package. (Each package has the corresponding price displayed).
  • Next you have two options: “Pay” – you have finished shopping and you want to complete the process or “Continue shopping” – you go back to the store and choose other activities. The chosen one has already moved into your shopping cart and stays there until you complete your shopping or delete it.
  • If you chose to pay, you will see your shopping cart with all the vouchers chosen: Voucher name, Package name (where you had to choose from the list), Price for each activity, Number of vouchers for this activity, Total value of purchases.
  • At this step, you can change the number of vouchers for the chosen packages, you can delete them, or you can return to shopping.
  • Here you can also enter the discount code, in case you have received one. Enter the code in the “Code” box, then press the “Add” button. The total payment value is modified, applying a discount, i.e. the equivalent amount of the discount code.
  • Fill in your Billing address. You can add to the list as many addresses as you want.
  • You can not go further than after you check the “Terms and Conditions” (it means that you are aware of and agree to the conditions of our store).
  • Choose the payment method: online or bank transfer.
  • Confirm your order.
  • If you have chosen an online payment method, follow the steps to make the payment.
  • If you have chosen a bank transfer, you immediately receive the information you need.
  • Immediately you will receive a confirmation email regarding your order.
  • You receive the voucher by email.


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